MIPT Life Sciences Center

MIPT Life Sciences Center (LSC) is the MIPT department specializing in life sciences. The LSC carries out fundamental and applied research in the fields of pharmaceutics, development of new medical technologies, innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies, agro-biotechnologies. The LSC infrastructure includes MIPT Bio Business Incubator, as well as centers of excellence (analytical laboratories and MIPT Genome center).

The Rector of MIPT,
Nikolay Kudryavtsev

“The global pharmaceutical industry is now seeking an elusive path between promising fundamental research and its transformation into real commercial products. Success depends on a close interaction between science, education and industry. MIPT is building a science and education complex, under whose roof we hope to create such a diversified community. The Institute has a long history working on the physics of life sciences, and we are confident that we can create a proper environment for synergy between physics and mathematics, on the one hand, and biology, chemistry and medicine, on the other, which will be at the cutting edge of modern science. Dialogue between experts of the older and younger generations is an important step towards our goal.”


President of the Life Sciences Center at MIPT
Andrey Ivashchenko

“The MIPT Life Sciences Center is only the first step towards building a continuous innovation system to implement new knowledge at the University. The success of this initiative is already apparent, driven by the energy of our most talented young undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom already have their own start-ups or businesses. They represent the nucleus of a healthy economic future for Russia. It's amazing to see how MIPT, as a leading technology university, acts as a magnet for industry, and for international science.”


Executive Director of the Life Sciences Center at MIPT
Oleg Korzinov

“At MIPT Life Sciences Center we create a complete infrastructure to support start-ups, as well as help existing research teams to develop their projects. In 2015 we will move to the new biopharmaceutical building and we hope that the favourable working environment there will help scientists to address the challenges, which they face.”


History of the MIPT Life Sciences Center

2011 Creation of the Innovative Pharmaceutics and Biotechnology Faculty.

2011 Foundation of “Northern” Biopharmaceutical Cluster.

2012 Opening of MIPT BioBusiness Incubator as a shared use territory for the implementation of innovative projects.

2012 Creation of new laboratories in the field of life sciences.

2013 MIPT wins a Russian Government grant for the support of scientific research.

2013 Leading international specialists in the life sciences become associate professors of MIPT.

2013 Opening of Genome Center.

2014 Creation of the MIPT Life Sciences Center, grouping the MIPT Bio Business Incubator, Genome Center and specialized laboratories.


Technology trends pursued at MIPT Life Sciences Center

  • Immunotherapy and vaccines
  • New biotargets and disease mechanisms
  • Biomolecules
  • Cell therapy and creation of cultures
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Combined technologies


Laboratories of MIPT Life Sciences Center

Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Medical Chemistry

Laboratory for Innovative Drug Development

Laboratory of Scientific Technical Analysis and Prognosis

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Bioanalytics Laboratory

Laboratory of Biomedical Materials

Laboratory of Drug Formulation

Laboratory of Aging Genetics and Life Span

Laboratory of Simulation of Biological Systems

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Technologies

Electrophysiology Laboratory

Laboratory of Transcriptome Sequencing and Mathematical Modeling

Laboratory of Translational Research and Personalized Medicine

Laboratory for Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis

Medical Instruments Laboratory

Systemic Biology Laboratory

Laboratory for Personalized Genomic Medicine

Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory

Laboratory of Historical Genetics, Radiocarbon Analysis and Applied Physics

Laboratory for Nano-construction of Membraneprotein Complexes for the Control of Cell Physiology


Biopharmaceutical R&D Center

The MIPT biopharmaceutical building will be a development center and platform for joint projects of cluster participants. Construction should be completed in 2015 as part of the Federal Target Program “Development of the Russian Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry up to 2020 and beyond”.


Biopharmaceutical building 11,618 m2, containing:

  • Chemical and biological test laboratories;
  • Fine organic chemistry laboratories;
  • Bioanalytical laboratories;
  • Development and manufacture of ready-made dosage forms;
  • Biotechnological pilot training division;
  • Innovative business-incubator;
  • Information center;
  • Lecture and auditorium sector;
  • Conference halls, boardrooms, etc.
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